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Soho is defined by the famous landmark boundaries of Oxford Street, Regent Street, Shaftesbury Avenue, Leicester Square and Charing Cross Road. Within this unique area is a vibrant residential and business community, much of it, open as they say, all hours.

Soho, a vibrant and lively area of Central London, is home to the gay village surrounding Old Compton Street, the sex industry focussed on Walkers Court, and a thriving business, media and residential community which includes a local primary school and several churches offers something for everyone..... resident, visitor and office worker alike.

Soho reputedly acquired it's name from an old hunting cry when horse-mounted fox-hunters galloped across the then fields of the area to loud cries of "Soho!" "Soho!" ....... Who knows? You would be a better man than I am Gunga Din if you could verify this historically as some claim to do.

What I do know is that there is always something to do in Soho at any time of the day or night - all tastes are catered for in this most cosmopolitan area of London. In Old Compton Street for instance, is Balaans, one of the few 24 hour cafe/restaurants to be found anywhere in London.

Art Galleries, Churches, a Primary School, Artichtectural Gems, Poet's Birthplaces, Head Office of Film and Media Companies, Parks and Squares, Pubs, The Football Association Headquarters, Casinos, Strip Clubs, Call Girls, Adult Shops, Bookshops, Restaurants, The Groucho Club, Kettners, Barber Shops, Tailors, Clothes Shops, Wholesale Jewellers, Art Shops, Offices, all kinds of businesses, a thriving residential community...... you name it.... Soho has it all!

The poet William Blake was born in Soho, in Marshall Street in 1757. A famous resident of Soho was Karl Marx who lived at numbers 54 and 28 Dean Street between 1851 and 1856. John Logie Baird first demonstrated television in Frith Street, Soho in 1926. The site of his achievement is commerated with a blue plaque at 22 Frith Street, Soho.

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Soho Photographs

Groucho Club Dean Street

William Blake's Birthplace in Marshall Street, Soho

Soho Photographs